Our Vision

To mobilise citizen action for positive change in society which encourages co-creating a world of possibilities.

What we do

The Democracy Development Program aims to deepen the practice of democracy in South Africa.

We build strong and active communities that can hold those in power to account.

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Process & Product

We live & reflect core values:
Ubuntu; Commitment & mutual benefit; Equity and respect; Communication; Accountability; Professionalism.

Accompaniment is our process. Community is our product.

How we do it

We walk with communities and organisations to provide the support they need for their strength and development.

We’re involved in their lives for a long term. Sharing with them ideas, information, skills, knowledge and opportunities for joint work.

Latest News
  • DDP PUBLIC FORUM ON SOE’S AND STATE CAPTURE Unpacking the narrative of State Owned Enterprises for the civil society.
  • The experiences of foreign nationals and other migrants in South Africa- Radio Talk-shows The talk-shows were a series of engagements that intended to continue to unpack the experiences of migrant women that were generated as part of the focus groups and dialogue sessions in the execution of the Cities Alliance project. The show also intended to unpack our experience, through observation and interviews, the readiness of cities and government departments in ensuring that all migration was adequately accounted for in City planning and so forth.
  • BREAKING THE FETTERS “The historic meeting in Dakar Senegal that paved way for a negotiated settlement and democracy in South Africa”.