Jais Mbewe


Jais Mbewe

Jais Mbewe is currently on the pastoral team of Light House, a thriving multiracial church practically spreading the message of peace and social coherence.  Mr. Mbewe is also the director of Spring-Board Ministry; He has several years of experience implementing civil society programs. Prior to founding and establishing Spring-Board, he worked at Joshua Generations as Transformational development director. He holds a certificate in missions, a Diploma in theology and he’s currently doing a degree program in Government, Public Administrations and development with the University of South Africa. Jais is married to Lungi and they have two children, Zoe and Lumi.

Jais boasts of great value in partnering with DDP in as far as engaging communities on civic issues is concerned.

Mr. Mbewe points to the fact that his association with DDP has pushed the two entities to see and understand issues from different perspective. Hence, tapping into one another’s experience, net-works, knowledge, resources and man power.

The last can be summed up by the African proverb. “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

Today, South Africa needs a strong and a united civil society than never before.

Community partnerships can be as diverse and varied as the communities in which they’re located and the issues they’re formed to tackle; ours is to provide civic education to our communities.