Who we are


Who we are


The Democracy Development Program (DDP) aims to deepen the practice of democracy in South Africa. We build strong and active communities that can hold those in power to account. Since our beginning in 1993 we have achieved this mission by:
  • Encouraging citizen engagement with burning issues in politics and development.
  • Holding public and political forums that encourage peaceful and constructive dialogue.
  • Providing democracy education.
  • Observing elections.
  • Strengthening civil society and community voices.
  • Building functional and effective relationships between communities and local government.


To mobilise citizen action for positive change in society which encourages co-creating a world of possibilities. We advocate for:
  • An active, informed and involved citizenry contributing toward
  • A transformed society and responsive government through
  • A strong, organised civil society that actively promotes
  • A culture of democracy and supports the development of
  • Connected, purposeful and active communities.


We live and reflect 6 values:
  1. Ubuntu
  2. Commitment and mutual benefit
  3. Equity and Respect
  4. Communication
  5. Accountability and responsibility
  6. Professionalism