Early retirement as Executive Director of DDP


Early retirement as Executive Director of DDP

“I’m so glad we had this time together…but now it’s time to say good bye”

Dear colleagues and friends of DDP it is with mixed emotions that I wish to announce my departure from DDP, an organisation that I have served for 25 years. I believe that my work here is done and it is time to make way for the next generation to carry on the work that I had started. During my tenure I have had the opportunity to work with many of you in many different capacities and all of this has contributed to my personal growth, the growth of the organisation and the strengthening of our democracy.

I have always espoused the value of authentic partnerships, and the power of collaboration. I would like to believe that I have modelled this value in all our interactions over the years.

I will be exiting the organisation at the end of 2018 and am confident that I am leaving behind an energised and efficient team to lead the organisation and its work well into the future. I leave an organisation that has a clear succession plan and an embedded ethos of   collaboration rather than competition.

I still believe I have something to contribute to the building of this nation and will be using my Organisational Development and leadership training to facilitate workshops with civil society organisations and educational institutions. My leadership role is done!

 I will remain closely associated with the work of DDP as I will always regard it as the place that allowed me to make the greatest contribution to the building of this nation.

It has been a privilege working with all you amazing people and organisations. I want to wish you well in your work and I know that our paths will still cross often. I hope that I have the opportunity in the coming months to meet with each of you personally and say thank you for walking with me. My new contact details are as follows:



Yours in service