DDP in partnership with Activate! – The Youth Land Indaba.


DDP in partnership with Activate! – The Youth Land Indaba.

Mbali Mkhize

The month of September in South Africa is heritage month, as we celebrate in recognition of aspects of our culture both tangible and intangible. In recent decades, culture – in all its forms of diversity, expression, practice and knowledge – has gained international recognition as both an enabler and a driver of development. As we consider the role that culture has played within the development context of South Africa, we must acknowledge that gender is largely ignored in heritage discourse.

The Democracy Development Program (DDP) has partnered with Activate! To deliver one of the provocative conversations, the Youth Land Indaba. This forum was held at the Onomo Hotel in Durban on the 24 September 2018.

The Youth Land Indaba was aimed at engaging young people on how gender relates to the issue of land in the South African context.

According to the conveners they mobilized youth activists and leaders, gender lobby groups, traditional authorities as well as government and private institutions, to discuss the land related issues to conceptualize and unpack the issue of land with reference to gender issues, which speaks to a traditionally disadvantaged group in relation to land issues. 

This engagement attracted a significant number of online/ social media engagement by audience in the room and outside, creating a series of dialogues that continued after the forum was finished.

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