" The ability to ignite the interest of all levels of government and community is quite profound, and for the most part DDP does that exceedingly well for me in my years of knowing and collaborating with them. I wish you (DDP) nothing but strength and success moving forward."

Brian Bhengu currently serves as the senior project coordinator at the DDP In this portfolio, he is responsible for the implementation of projects that have an impact on the capacity of community based organizations (primarily those run and are working with young people), on interacting with local municipalities in KwaZulu Natal province, as well as representing the organization in various forums and conferences.

During Bhengu’s time at DDP, he has developed an astute attitude towards the realisation of open democratic societies where human rights are not just protected, but are advanced by all members of the society, regardless of ethnicity, language and gender.

Brian’s activism begins long before his employment at DDP though- DDP first came across him during his high school days, where, post an intervention run by DDP, Brian hit the ground running in leading his school’s “Youth Making A difference” club. This group sought to advance their school and surrounding communities towards the aspirations of young people in seeing a safe, healthy and welcoming environment that was conducive to the flourishing of their leadership and innovative ideas. In his Matric year, Bhengu was awarded the Good Fellowship award, and received a prize valuing his leadership potential by DDP, on top of being selected as his year’s valedictory-speech giver.

He continued on to study law at the University of KwaZulu Natal, Howard College Campus. Here he served in executive committee positions of the Black Lawyers Association and the Howard College Debating Union. His portfolios included Projects and Campaigns manager of the BLA, and Development Officer of the HCDU, in which he went on to serve as President. Aside from having been a competitive University and High School debater, he has also served on the KZN schools Debating association board. He has further served as Senior coach of the KZN national squad, which is a position he held for the past 3 years. This gave him the opportunity to co-find the Kwamashu Debating League together with DDP. Professionally, he has coached in a variety of coastal Durban schools in Debating and public Speaking. He also has co-ordinated and facilitated a number of Leadership and Teambuilding workshops, among other subjects. He can be contacted at : "