Sthembiso Madlala’s Farewell Message: The journey Continues


Sthembiso Madlala’s Farewell Message: The journey Continues

As I pen this valedictory message to my colleagues, friends, comrades, compatriots and fellow travelers I am filled with mixed emotions of joy and sadness. Joy because I have reached another milestone in my life which ushers me to the new horizons, sad of course, because I am leaving the DDP family and associates.

My stay at the DDP had been one of the great defining moment in my career life and has helped to open up new avenues for further exploration, growth and development. I am eternally grateful to the DDP staff under the leadership of Dr. Rama Naidu for their support and their unequivocal faith in my gifts and capacity. I have been exposed to different people who have made positive contributions in my life and have shared a myriad of platforms with people from diverse backgrounds.

After being appointed as the chairperson of Tourism KZN, and the demanding task of being a civil society coordinator at the KZN Economic Council and the KZN Human Resource Council I thought it was time for me to move on to consolidate my footprints in the latter while advancing the growth and transformation of the former. I am eternally grateful to all the DDP partners and individuals with whom I have worked with during the community dialogues, workshops, as a political analyst and during the elections of 2014 and 2016, to you I say the journey continues.

I wish to thank everyone who has been part of this journey and look forward to further engagements as we meet and depart on our different journeys, I think the following quotation bests describes my journey-our journey.


“But it's a journey and the sad thing is you only learn from experience, so as much as someone can tell you things, you have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn”.

Emma Watson