Since the dawn of the new democratic dispensation the civil society sector has played a very critical role towards ensuring that the elections, were free, fair and legitimate. The civil society has not only been instrumental in monitoring and observation of previous elections but has also ensured that the process leading to the election was peaceful and conducive for free and fair elections. 

In preparation for the upcoming 2019 Elections, the Democracy Development Program (DDP) held a 2-day Election Observer training and Induction Process on 08 and 09 April 2019. This event was held at Diakonia Center and was facilitated by DDP’s Senior Programs Officer Brian Mhlongo. Well-known political analyst Lukhona Mnguni gave political insight on the role of election observers and provided overall analysis on elections and the observer mission.  

The training focused on the following: rules and regulations of the elections process, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and their role in the elections, reporting after the elections, who are the observers reporting to, and the stipends.  

The training was also an opportunity for the organization to ensure that the observers are aware that at all voting stations, there will be IEC staff, give them pointers on important things to look out for in the communities, as well as their limitations as observers, the “do’s and don’ts “.  

This program saw more than 60 election observers trained and ready for the 8th May 2019.  

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