Voices of Our Future: How Citizen Journalists Can Hold Us Accountable

Voices of Our Future: How Citizen Journalists Can Hold Us Accountable

Citizen journalists play an important role in society because they often provide a different perspective on events compared to those circulated by the mainstream media. Traditionally, only a select few were able to publish; now, anyone with a smartphone can publish anything, anywhere and at anytime.

This workshop aimed to help more citizens engage issues that affect their community and
society as a whole. Using various exercises, participants developed basic research,
layout and writing skills of a journalist. It also helped participants take
advantage of new media to distribute the news, opinions and general information they

However, in a world where the salacious outstrips the truth and everyone can post anything
from fake to factual news, a true citizen journalist is bound by certain responsibilities. To
shape your reputation and a better future, a good citizen journalist needs to understand
how to work in a manner that conforms to established legal and ethical standards.

Through this workshop, participants learned to use their voice to shape our future. Each
participant learned:
1. The basics of news writing
2. Unpack tactics that will help them interview people to gain crucial information
3. Develop and manage sources
4. Create engaging narratives across online and offline platforms and improve
communication to a wider audience
5. Understand legal rights to access public information and what laws will protect
them when they publish
6. Discuss the ethics and responsibilities behind journalism practice

As a class assignment, and to contextualise the coursework, participants conducted an investigation into an issue concerning their specific communities. They used their findings to write up a blog post with photographs, links to other (on and off-line)
sources and interviews.

Here are the some of the blog posts that the participants wrote.

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