This workshop brought together potential community facilitators from DDP partner organisations to experience a different developmental way to work in communities. This approach is underscored by the importance attached to the stories that people hold about each other, their communities and how they relate to the world.

By: Dr Rama Naidu

The fundamental premise of the methodology is the belief that to change our story of who we are and the communities we come from we first must acknowledge our contributions to these stories.

Participants were exposed to a real-time experience of building and working in community through the workshop experience for them to appreciate the complexity of community life in South Africa. The importance of recognising the perceived powerlessness   and working with it in a different way was a highlight for many of the participants. Working in small groups and amplifying their own voices offered the possibility to experience first-hand the potential of this methodology in the communities that they lived and worked in.

Being trained as community facilitators also meant that DDP programmes would reach even more meaningfully into communities with greater impact, ownership and accountability to each other as members of a community. The group consisted of a number of participants from vibrant youth organisations  who were given the challenge of hosting Community dialogues in order to embed the learning ( with support from DDP).



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