August 15, 2023

BRICS, geopolitics, and Africa – a roadmap to future collaborations

By: Thelma Nyarhi and Paul Kariuki In 2001 Jim O’Neill, a Goldman Sachs economist created the acronym “BRIC” to refer to the Federative Republic of Brazil, […]
August 14, 2023

Leadership Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Civil Society in South Africa

By: Lizzy Ofusori Introduction In recent years, women in civil society have made significant progress, bringing about essential changes in the country’s laws and society. Their […]
August 10, 2023

Women participation in politics is necessary, here is why?

By: Adebimpe Ofusori Women in South Africa are faced with discrimination and inequality in various aspects of life, including politics in South Africa. They are under-represented […]
August 10, 2023

Examining the Impact of Women’s Political Leadership on Democracy in South Africa

By: Nneka Akwu Political activity by African women dates back a long time. Present-day and historical politics show that women have had a tremendous impact on […]
August 10, 2023

DDP’s Annual Women’s Conference

On 8 August 2023, DDP hosted its annual Women’s Conference in celebration of South Africa’s Women’s Month. The Conference this year was led by the theme: […]
August 4, 2023

Inclusive Governance in Higher Education and Women Leadership Development in South Africa

By: Stanley Ehiane,  Higher education has grown rapidly in the twenty-first century. Its expansion is a global phenomenon experienced by countries in all regions. Higher education […]
August 1, 2023

Parliamentary Program Newsletter

Parliamentary Program newsletter (1)
July 31, 2023

DDP 2023 Political Summit

On 27 July, the Democracy Development Program hosted the 2023 Political Summit under the theme: “Coalitions: Tracking the fundamental challenges and opportunities ahead of the 2024 […]
July 25, 2023

Breaking Barriers, Sharing Experiences, and Inspiring Change: Kwazulu-Natal Multi-Party Women’s Caucus and Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus Exchange Visit

By Nyasha Mcbride Mpani and Paul Kariuki The recent exchange visit, facilitated by the Democracy Development Programme (DDP), between the Kwazulu-Natal Multi-Party Women’s Caucus and the […]