July 9, 2021

The Covid19 Pandemic in South Africa

A Review of Selected Local Governance and Policy Responses: Volume 1 and 2  DOWNLOAD THE PDF> 
July 9, 2021

An Anthology of Inter-Disciplinary Policy Responses to Covid19

A South African Perspective DOWNLOAD THE PDF> 
July 9, 2021

Reimagining Youth Political Activism

26 Years of Democracy in South Africa Then and Now DOWNLOAD THE PDF> 
July 8, 2021

Civic Education in Southern Africa

Methodologies, Approaches and Digitalization. DOWNLOAD THE PDF >  
July 7, 2021

Social Cohesion in the Last Decade

Taking Stock to Inform the New Decade DOWNLOAD THE PDF> 
July 6, 2021

Reimagining Electoral Reform System in SA

A Possibility or a Myth? DOWNLOAD THE PDF> 
July 5, 2021

Media and Governance

Developmental Journalism that Influences Political Accountability. DOWNLOAD THE PDF>