July 31, 2023

DDP 2023 Political Summit

On 27 July, the Democracy Development Program hosted the 2023 Political Summit under the theme: “Coalitions: Tracking the fundamental challenges and opportunities ahead of the 2024 […]
May 28, 2023

Understanding South African Voters

The Democracy Development Programme  hosted a workshop titled: A Reflection on the Nature of electoral participation, and Interrogation of the Typical South African Voter and their […]
May 12, 2023

Political Parties Workshop: Understanding Coalition Governments in South Africa

The Democracy Development Programme hosted a workshop titled: A Reflection on the State of South African Coalitions: Building for 2024. The workshop aimed to take a […]
November 15, 2022

DDP Annual Local Government Conference

The DDP hosted its annual local government conference at Elangeni Hotel on 10 November 2022. The theme for this year’s conference was: Local Government in focus: […]
August 25, 2022

Women, Democracy, Leadership and Political Accountability

Almost two decades into the 21st century, women are still not accorded a place of prominence in politics, particularly in Africa. However, South Africa has made […]
July 18, 2022

DDP 4th Annual political summit: Crisis in political participation

Concerns over declining levels of political participation, particularly in traditional activities such as voting and political party membership, have led many to argue that political apathy […]
October 6, 2021

Observers Refresher Workshop

The Democracy Development Program will be conducting an election observer refresher training.  Election observers play a crucial role in ensuring that the elections are transparent, free, […]
July 23, 2021

DDP Political Summit 2021: Restoring Public Trust Towards a Robust and Active Participatory Politics

The sharp decline in trust in government is serving to underline that trust is an essential, yet often overlooked, ingredient in successful policymaking. Without trust in […]
May 19, 2021

Ethical Leadership and Good Governance: Towards an Ethical and Development-Oriented Public Services

The National Development Plan argued that ethical leadership and good governance are the cornerstone to creating a state that is capable of delivering developmental outcomes to […]