Women in Politics


Almost two decades into the 21st century, women are still not accorded a place of prominence in politics, particularly in Africa. However, South Africa has made notable progress, and has arguably one of the most gender-diverse parliaments in the world, ranking number three in Africa and tenth globally. However, it still falls short in achieving gender parity.  In response to this breaking this inertia, the program aims at mobilizing, training, and nurturing women interested in politics so that they can participate actively and confidently in the political arena to influence politics in South Africa.  


The overall goal of the program is to strengthen women’s participation and influence in politics in South Africa.


To strengthen women’s self-confidence in engaging politics and the political arena in South Africa. 

To increase society’s understanding of the importance of gender equality among decision-makers such as the leadership of political parties. 

To establish, nurture and strengthen networks of women politicians across party lines towards promoting the exchange of experience and knowledge.


The program targets young women and women who have recently become politically active in KwaZulu Natal province.


a) Transformational dialogue with women across party lines.

b) Capacity building – training, seminars, and workshops on leadership, public speaking (debating techniques), advocacy, and effective campaigning among other aspects.

c) Networking – through events such as the annual women’s conference on politics and leadership.

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